Neil Pennell

Head of Design, Innovation and Property Solutions, Landsec


Neil Pennell is Head of Design Innovation and Property Solutions at Landsec, one of the UK’s leading property companies. He is responsible for the creation of a clear and compelling vision for the Company’s long-term strategy with respect to the design and development of innovative, environmentally sustainable and technically excellent buildings.


Neil is a senior thought leader specialising in technical and innovative solutions for Landsec’s current and future portfolio, acting as a trusted adviser to the senior executive team.


He is charged with providing strategic advice to the business on sustainable building design, smart building technology and innovative procurement and construction processes to ensure Landsec retains its leadership position in the real estate sector. This involves a wide remit to drive innovation and the application of new technology, including; Internet of Things, Net  Zero Carbon, AI, advanced building analytics, BIM, P-DfMA, modern methods of construction, smart building and Prop Tech solutions.

He is responsible for developing key customer, partner and stakeholder relationships to ensure that Landsec’s property solutions are aligned with customer needs and expectations.

As a leading member of Landsec’s development team he is charged with; embedding a culture of innovation in the business to access new and profitable business opportunities, promoting the use of research, data analytics and information technology to inform investment decisions and developing property services and solutions that create great experiences for our customers.

Neil is an advocate of sustainable buildings, renewable energy technologies and intelligent building design. His goal is to create amazing buildings for people; to live, work, shop and enjoy their leisure time.

Neil sits on the Board of the British Council of Offices (BCO) and chairs the Technical Affairs Committee which is responsible for producing the BCO’s industry leading technical publications.  He is also chair of the CDDB’s Building Clients Group, and a director of the Better Buildings Partnership.

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