Dr. Craig Knight

Founder and Director, Identity Realization Limited


Dr. Craig Knight is Founder and Director of Identity Realization Limited (IDR), a commercial organization based in Scotland with strong connections to blue chip industry.  Dr Knight retains research links with global universities.  Working with various organizations, this combination of commercial focus and scientific application has seen Craig help realize increases in well-being of up to 40%, productivity of up to 32% and effective intelligence of up to 19%.

Craig has been at the forefront of Covid research projects. His commercial research points to what people need to thrive when working from home, as well as what the new, post-pandemic workplace must provide. All key variables are tied to hard data, which show a 30% performance gap between organizations with happy and unhappy staff.

Craig’s focus is on evidence-based leadership, management, employee retention and the psychological impact of design.  IDR apply organizational solutions, drawn from applied, tested science, that directly benefit a client business. Particular emphasis is paid to improving staff well-being and the organization’s bottom line.  Craig is a Chartered Psychologist and a Registered Occupational Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council. He has operated at Director and Managing Director levels across business leadership, design and consultancy sectors since the last century.

Published, peer reviewed studies by Knight and colleagues consistently show that the most important factors in a successful working environment are:

  • a willingness by leaders to fully engage with employee input into business processes
  • the development of open decision making
  • developing trust

Building this new dialogue between psychology, leadership and staff has been at the heart of television documentaries, academic discussion and commercial debate.  IDR directly challenges existing leadership and management practices.  The effects are rapid, positive, dramatic and long lasting.

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