Future Fundamentals

Climate change, mass urbanisation, an ageing population and technology are driving change at an unprecedented rate. This requires policy makers, businesses and the real estate industry to adapt and embrace a new set of fundamental priorities that should be put at the centre of every decision that they make.

The Programme is focused around our future fundamental themes, brought to life through inspiring keynote speakers, panel debates, solution-focused roundtables and a curated exhibition.


Environmental, social, and commercial sustainability are now inextricably linked, and the real estate industry must change its approach and collaborate to address this reality.


Trust in leadership is at a generational low as a result of growing inequality in society and facilitated by the immediacy and transparency of communication enabled by the internet. It needs to be re-built through positive, honest, collective and purposeful actions.


Technology is disrupting every aspect of our lives and must be harnessed by the real estate sector to support new ways of living, working, learning and travelling at a rate not seen since the industrial revolution.

Programme to be announced soon.