London Real Estate Forum: on-demand

The London Real Estate Forum, the annual though-leadership conference took place at the Barbican Centre, 29–30 September 2021. We brought together key decision-makers from the industry, government, investment and business communities to drive sustainable investment and development in cities.

Please see the recordings from day one and day two for the Frobisher Auditorium.

Frobisher Auditorium: Day 1 

Brent Cross Town

In association with Argent Related
At the heart of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme, there was a joint venture between Argent Related and Barnet Council. The large-scale mixed-use development included homes, retail and offices, improved schools and greenspaces.

  • Professor Sadie Morgan, dRMM Architects and The Quality of Life Foundation (Chair)
    Nick Searl, Argent and Argent Related
    Cath Shaw, Barnet Council
    Stephanie Hilborne, Women in Sport
    Jenny Curtis, Vattenfall
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Canada Water Masterplan

In association with British Land
The Canada Water Masterplan was a partnership between British Land, Southwark Council and the local community to create an outstanding new town centre for Southwark and London that complemented the local area, making an active, positive, long-term contribution to local life.

  • Jenna Goldberg, LCA (Chair) Emma Cariaga, Canda Water
    Professor Judy Raper, TEDI London
    Emma Trueman, Global Generation
    David Walters, British Land
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Meridian Water - diversifying regeneration

In association with Enfield
Enfield presented Meridian Water, a major regeneration programme bringing 10,000 homes and 6,000 jobs to Enfield, north London. Meridian Water was a distinctive neighbourhood designed to nurture economic environmental and social sustainability, in addition to welcoming future industries across digital, creative, and cultural sectors in particular.

  • Peter George, Meridian Water (Chair)
    Yuting Cheng, Fisher Cheng
    Jee Liu, WallaceLiu
    Daniel Rea, Periscope
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City of London markets co-location programme

In association with Deloitte
This briefing shared plans for the co-location of three of London’s historic markets – Billingsgate Fish Market, New Spitalfields Fruit & Veg Market and Smithfield Meat Market into one single site in Barking & Dagenham. We discussed the economic and development prospects presented by the move and the opportunities it unlocked for both its new neighbourhood and the central London spaces they vacate.

  • Mathew Evans-Pollard, Deloitte (Chair)
    Anna Dunne, City of London
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Regeneration, growth and community - the key pillars of the Royal Docks, and future for London

In association with Royal Docks
With over 1,200 acres of land, 250 acres of water, and nearly 12 miles of waterfront, the Royal Docks was one of London’s most important and most exciting regeneration projects. This panel discussion highlighted how development partners have supported the delivery of affordable housing and supported economic growth, education, and local employment opportunities. It provided an overview of the programme of delivery for the area and the commitment to Community Wealth Building and future economic growth and prosperity, securing the Royal Docks’ roadmap transformation into a dynamic new destination for London.

  • Benjamin O'Connor, NLA
    Daniel Bridge, Royal Docks Team
    Caroline Pillay, Airey Miller
    Richard Gibbs, Albert Island
    Bek Seeley, Lendlease (Europe)
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Frobisher Auditorium: Day 2

Scotland is innovation – creating investment opportunities through innovation districts

Scotland has a long history of innovation and it continued to strengthen and broaden this across the country as it created new innovation districts. These innovation districts provided the infrastructure, workspace and business support needed to allow stakeholders and occupiers to thrive and develop, created new networks to help drive forward the latest technologies, scientific discoveries and world leading engineering. This panel explored the latest progress in Scotland’s largest innovation districts and the opportunities they provided as they sought investor partners to deliver these world leading projects.

  • Bonnie Stephensmith, White Label (Chair)
    Dr. Ian Campbell, LifeArc
    David Ridd, Edinburgh BioQuarter
    Stephen Sheal, Net Zero Technology Centre
    Virginia Beckett, Regent Capital
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OxCam Arc - a blueprint for national regeneration

In association with Bidwells
The Oxford-Cambridge Arc is home to world leading universities and is at the heart of the UK’s booming life sciences and innovation sectors. This session explored how the Arc has been delivered, the challenges of aligning a transport, environment and housing strategy cohesively across 26 local authorities while also meeting the needs of businesses and universities.

  • Mike Derbyshire, Bidwells (Chair)
    Professor Sadie Morgan, dRMM Architects and The Quality of Life Foundation
    Anna Strongman, Oxford University Development
    Saba Tahzib, MHCLG
    Lucy Wilkins, MHCLG
    Annette Jezierska, The Future Fox
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SC1 Innovation District

In association with Southwark and Lambeth
With Europe’s largest medical school and 600 clinical trials running at any one time, the SC1 partnership continues to build on strong foundations. Economic forecasts revealed the potential to stimulate £34bn GVA and 62,590 jobs by 2050. This session heard how Lambeth and Southwark are working with some of the UK’s leading academics, clinicians and industry to develop a world class health science community in south central London.

  • Professor Sir Robert Lechler, King's College London (Chair)
    Neelam Patel, MedCity
    Cllr Kieron Williams, Southwark Council
    Cllr Matthew Bennett, Lambeth Council
    Peter Ward, King's College London
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Euston - London’s great development opportunity

In association with The Euston Partnership
Euston presented a unique opportunity to create a new 60 acre piece of city, with a world-class transport hub at its centre, creating thousands of jobs, homes and acres of green and public space. We heard from Euston project delivery partners HS2, Network Rail and Lendlease about their vision for the project, which aimed to grow not only the local economy of Euston but that of London and the UK.

  • Tom Vennar, Euston (Chair)
    Mike Luddy, HS2
    Mary Ann Lewis, Camden
    Phil Gould, Euston
    David Penney, Penney Financial Partners
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Net zero innovation project showcase

Our Net Zero Innovation session showcased leading projects that responded to the climate emergency by pioneering design and green technologies to reduce carbon and reach Net Zero targets.

  • Amy Till, NLA (Chair)
    Derek Wilson, Transport for London
    Neil Pennell, Landsec
    Steve Smith, AAMM
    Marie-Louise Schembri, Hilson Moran
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Clean tech and the green economy

In association with Southwark and Lambeth
SE1 had the densest concentration of clean tech start up businesses in Europe. We heard from pioneers who were working to nurture and expand the green economy cluster, and the role it played in tackling the climate emergency.

  • James Byrne, Sustainable Ventures and Sustainable Workplaces (Chair)
    Agnes Czako, Airex
    Cllr Jason Ochere, London Borough of Southwark
    Cllr Claire Holland, Leader of Lambeth Council
    Emily Wilson, London & Partners
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