Market Essay. London – Getting back to business

Greg Mansell, head of UK research and insight, Cushman & Wakefield takes a look at an unprecedented time for London and its markets

At the end of March, the London property market bore no resemblance to a few months earlier, with its empty streets and closed businesses symbolic of London under lockdown.

‘The market was struggling to function even before the lockdown began’

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Back to the office

Katrina Kostic Samen is Head of Workplace Strategy & Design at KKS Savills and BCO past president. She speaks to Amy Till about the challenges facing those transitioning back into office buildings, and how COVID-19 may impact the future of the way we work long-term.

NLA is 15, from the team: Emma Jefferson, business development director, remembers her first LREF

Once upon a time in Marbella 2007 a Belgian Beach Club owner called Tops coined a phrase which has stuck with me for many years.

In conversation I naively asked Tops if he’d owned a beach club before.

Picture the Belgian accent if you please

“Ha” he replied. ‘Zees ain’t my first BBQ

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Podcast | Graham Craig

Graeme is TfL’s Commercial Development Director and is responsible for its land and property across the capital. This includes an Estate Management function that manages over 5,500 acres of operational land and over 30 offices buildings across London.

Podcast | Jacob Loftus

Jacob Loftus is Founder and CEO of General Projects, a design-led real estate developer that creates experiential and sustainable buildings, designed around the needs of the new economy. With a focus on the changing nature of the home and the workplace, General Projects collaborates with architects, designers, creatives and tech experts to deliver environments that inspire people and connect communities.

COVID-19 and Community

Community has risen up the agenda as a result of the current crisis. Peter Murray talks Helen Joscelyne of Derwent London about how the developer communicates with and supports local communities.

The City of London after lockdown

Chairman of the City of London’s Planning and Transportation Committee Alastair Moss talks to Peter Murray about the Corporation’s transport strategy as workers return to the Square Mile, about the level of applications coming before the committee and about the public inquiry on The Tulip.

Design and health

Design Principal of HOK, David Weatherhead, talks about the role of design in our recovery from the impacts of coronavirus pandemic, how we design for social distancing and lessons to be learnt in the design of healthcare facilities.