COVID-19 and Community

Community has risen up the agenda as a result of the current crisis. Peter Murray talks Helen Joscelyne of Derwent London about how the developer communicates with and supports local communities.

The City of London after lockdown

Chairman of the City of London’s Planning and Transportation Committee Alastair Moss talks to Peter Murray about the Corporation’s transport strategy as workers return to the Square Mile, about the level of applications coming before the committee and about the public inquiry on The Tulip.

How Shanghai has come out of lockdown

As the British Government announces the procedures for getting us back to work, Douglas Newkirk, Design Director at Gensler in Shanghai, talks to Peter Murray about what coming out of lockdown is like in the city and about the controls and tracking systems that keep COVID-19 in check.

Design and health

Design Principal of HOK, David Weatherhead, talks about the role of design in our recovery from the impacts of coronavirus pandemic, how we design for social distancing and lessons to be learnt in the design of healthcare facilities.

Podcast | Peter Pereira Gray

The Wellcome Trust plays a key role in supporting bio-medical research and initiatives, providing £800 million in funding a year. Susan Freeman speaks to Peter Pereira Gray, Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Division of this organisation about his approach to their investment portfolio, and their response to the COVID 19 crisis.

Coronavirus and the Square Mile

Peter Murray talks to the most important woman in the City of London – Catherine McGuinness, Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee, about globalisation and the role of the financial sector in our national recovery as well as the Square Mile’s transport and culture strategies.

Podcast | Thomas Heatherwick

Susan Freeman speaks to British designer Thomas Heatherwick. He explains how his approach to design has developed over time and shares his experience of leading the design process, and facilitating global collaboration, from his bedroom, during the national lock-down.