Real-time virtual collaboration – how digital technology is changing the way we design and collaborate in the built environment

Jan Bunge, Squint Opera

Realtime simulation of projects can help optimise their designs and foster better collaboration across the industry, allowing stakeholders to test and optimise virtually before a single brick is laid. 

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Podcast | James Saunders, Quintain

James Saunders was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Quintain in October 2019.

James was previously Chief Operating Officer of Quintain and has been a main board director since 2017. As Chief Operating Officer, James led the place-making and estate management at Wembley Park, commercial partnerships, group marketing, IT and health and safety.

Podcast | Sadie Morgan, dRMM

Sadie Morgan is a Co-Founding Director of leading architectural practice dRMM, along with Alex de Rijke and Philip Marsh. Over a 25-year career, Sadie has played a key role in the advocacy of exemplary design and architecture, through her professional practice and advisory roles. Read more about Sadie here.

Market Essay. London – Getting back to business

Greg Mansell, head of UK research and insight, Cushman & Wakefield takes a look at an unprecedented time for London and its markets

At the end of March, the London property market bore no resemblance to a few months earlier, with its empty streets and closed businesses symbolic of London under lockdown.

‘The market was struggling to function even before the lockdown began’

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Future of UK Cities

Andrew Jones, EMEA Cities Programme Leader at AECOM shares his insights on the impact of the pandemic, economic crisis and digitalisation on the future of our UK cities, and his key priorities for supporting economic recovery, the green agenda, social equity and future resilience.

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Back to the office

Katrina Kostic Samen is Head of Workplace Strategy & Design at KKS Savills and BCO past president. She speaks to Amy Till about the challenges facing those transitioning back into office buildings, and how COVID-19 may impact the future of the way we work long-term.