The City of London after lockdown

Chairman of the City of London’s Planning and Transportation Committee Alastair Moss talks to Peter Murray about the Corporation’s transport strategy as workers return to the Square Mile, about the level of applications coming before the committee and about the public inquiry on The Tulip.

Design and health

Design Principal of HOK, David Weatherhead, talks about the role of design in our recovery from the impacts of coronavirus pandemic, how we design for social distancing and lessons to be learnt in the design of healthcare facilities.

Coronavirus and the Square Mile

Peter Murray talks to the most important woman in the City of London – Catherine McGuinness, Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee, about globalisation and the role of the financial sector in our national recovery as well as the Square Mile’s transport and culture strategies.

A big year for Canary Wharf

Shobi Khan, Canary Wharf’s CEO, in conversation with Peter Murray. With a pipeline of over £40bn in residential and commercial projects, Khan talks frankly about the company’s response to COVID-19. With the company well capitalised, much of the £4bn spent and construction risk mitigated, he looks positively towards a ‘big year for Canary Wharf’.

COVID-19 and the future of cities

NLA’s Peter Murray interviews Stephen Engblom, Head of Global Cities at LREF Partner AECOM, via Zoom from his house in Twin Peaks overlooking San Francisco. They discuss how cities are responding to COVID 19 and the impact the virus will have on our attitude to urban living.