Life Sciences – a sector in the spotlight

What’s the picture in London vs UK? What are the key considerations for new investors? How will this sector respond to new technologies? Glenn Crocker Head of Life Sciences and Chris Walters Investor & Developer Lead at JLL share their insights.

Project Spotlight: Brent Cross Town

Amy Till, Programme Director at NLA, speaks to Claudine Blamey, Head of Sustainability, Argent about the ambitious net zero 2030 target set for Brent Cross Town, and the strategies being applied to get them there.

Global pandemic: a catalyst for city change?

World Cities Day on 31 October 2020 is a day when the world celebrates cities and this year the theme is Valuing our Cities & Communities

How can a catastrophe be a catalyst for positive change? The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted normal life across the world, but many cities have used the situation to fast-track changes to improve urban life. Top urban planners from New York, Sydney and Singapore discuss changing workplaces and commuting, innovative planning initiatives, and re-inventing the use of city streets and the urban realm.   

This webinar, chaired by Greg Clark, took place in the leadup to World Cities Day on 31 October 2020, with the theme Valuing our Cities & Communities.  

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Liverpool x Glasgow: How do we value our communities?

World Cities Day on 31 October 2020 is a day when the world celebrates cities and this year the theme is Valuing our Cities & Communities

Led by Greg Clark, the Liverpool City Mayor Joe Anderson and Glasgow City Leader Susan Aitken discuss the value of cities and their communities. City centres, public health, and the culture sector will be key factors in recovering from the COVID 19 pandemic.  

What has made Liverpool and Glasgow resilient against the pandemic, and how can you make sure all communities are included and work together on the road to recovery?  


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NextGen on London’s recovery

Each year at the London Real Estate Forum, London’s new wave of professionals play a key role in the discussion about London’s future. In the lead up to 2021, the NLA NextGen Sounding Board has been exploring the key themes of digitisation, trust and sustainability, looking at London’s priorities as we move through recovery. In the most recent meeting, the group looked at the submissions to the Build Back Better campaign and made their assessment of a post-lockdown London. 

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Back to the office

Katrina Kostic Samen is Head of Workplace Strategy & Design at KKS Savills and BCO past president. She speaks to Amy Till about the challenges facing those transitioning back into office buildings, and how COVID-19 may impact the future of the way we work long-term.

COVID-19 and Community

Community has risen up the agenda as a result of the current crisis. Peter Murray talks Helen Joscelyne of Derwent London about how the developer communicates with and supports local communities.